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DISCO Technology

DISCO partners with law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies to improve legal outcomes by building and deploying great legal technology.

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Next Generation Technology

(advanced and powerful, yet easy to use)

Powered by the most advanced cloud platform and infrastructure available to ensure security, stability, and the most feature rich technology built for the disclosure challenges of today and beyond.


Leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud architecture, DISCO offers collection, processing, search, review, and production speeds that are unrivaled in the industry while ensuring risk mitigation keeping data secure, confidential, and accessible 24x7. DISCO’s native-cloud architecture provides the fastest and most accurate performance in the industry with 1/10-second search results and 1/3-second document viewing, regardless of database size or complex file types.

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Artificial Intelligence

DISCO’s proprietary, multi-layer artificial network uses deep learning and an array of GPUs to unpack and process learned information quickly. Combining Facebook’s advanced FastText embeddings with powerful convolutional and recurrent neural networks for text, DISCO’s advanced AI platform represents the cutting edge of predictive technology. DISCO AI is extremely accurate not just for responsive reviews, but adaptable for use on constantly changing reviews like compliance or anti-corruption investigations. Plus, it’s included at no additional charge, so it’s always available for your largest cases all the way down to your smallest matters.

DISCO Rapid Ingest File Transfer (RIFT)

DISCO Rapid Ingest File Transfer (RIFT) is an industry-leading collections and transfer process that is easy, fast and secure. DISCO removes the need for several third-party software for fast data transfer and processing — like Aspera and Nuix - and instead empowers you to upload data directly into DISCO RIFT from your own machines. Uploaded data is put into a staging area where you then decide what data to ingest into DISCO for review. Using Amazon’s S3 transfer acceleration, DISCO RIFT reduces friction and supplies a massive pipeline (180GB+ per hour) for data collection and transfer.

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DISCO search

DISCO Search

Elasticsearch is the technology that Facebook, LinkedIn, and thousands more trust to deliver instant search over petabytes of data. The design of Elastic allows for each case to be sharded across multiple machines, allowing data to scale horizontally, automatically reorganize itself to manage unlimited new data, and store both unstructured and structured data together to maximise performance. By using Elastic we are able to ensure that DISCO searches — no matter how complex — remain instant. The largest case hosted in DISCO was 24 TB with more than 100 concurrent active reviewers and no degradation in performance.

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